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National technical research organization, Ntro officials are allegedly accepting sex bribes from inexperienced lazy greedy young women, including the goan sluts, bsc sunaina, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, half their age, to falsely claim that these women were their Btech 1993 EE classmate and get these lazy greedy goan sluts lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, NTRO and CBI.
The main fraud NTRO official is J srinivasan who is infatuated with lazy greedy goan obc slut sunaina, who sleeps with top officials , andf falsely claims that the goan slut sunaina was his btech 1993 Ee classmate, to get the goan slut sunaina a job allegedly in R&AW. the shameless fraud J srinivasan also claims that his darling slut obc bsc sunaina, who is least interested in spending any money on websites, was a domain investor, experienced engineer and Paypal account holder when she has not spent a single paisa on domain names, controls the bank account linked ti the Paypal account and has any engineering experience.
Allegedly google,tata, paypal are bribing the ntro officials to abuse their powers, waste tax payer money to falsely claim that the lazy greedy goan slut sunaina is a domain investor and Paypal account holder. It remains to be seen when the ntro officials will stop taking sex bribes to give fake references to call girls and cheaters.
Another goan slut who has allegedly got great powers for sleeping with top officials is diploma holder siddhi mandrekar. These women are getting a salary, pension for doing nothing except allegedly having recreational sex with top tata, and other officials who are viciously defaming the real domain investor and paypal account holder, with their malicious fake stories
As long as these goan sluts get a salary falsely claiming to be domain investors, Paypal account holders , the real domain investor has a right to expose the sex bribes and lies of these shameless powerful officials. If R&AW, CBI, NTRO officially declare that they are recruiting sex workers, then the domain investor will not object.
Why do the top officials in indian intelligence and security agencies delude themselves that the call girls they sleep with are experienced electronic and electrical engineers, domain investors, webmasters, they should be honest. Why is it so difficult for an indian citizen, experienced engineer to end the resume theft by google,tata supplied goan call girls, robbers and frauds

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